What’s New in the Operations Manual

Revisions made since September 1, 2019:

I. Governance

I-2.2 Tax Information (1/8/20)

I-2.8(3) University Staff Council (1/15/21; 6/3/22)

I-2.8(11) Committee on Funded Retirement and Insurance Charter (7/18/23)

I-2.8(15) Committee on University Libraries Charter (effective 5/1/23)

II. Community

II-3 Human Rights (5/12/22; 8/1/23)

II-4 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (formerly Sexual Harassment) (1/20; 8/14/20; 1/29/21; 7/9/21; 8/13/21; 12/17/21; 1/28/22)

II-6 Nondiscrimination Statement (5/12/22)

II-7 Disability Protection Policy and Accessibility Statement (effective 8/1/23)

II-10 Violence (1/20; 6/8/22)

II-11 Anti-Retaliation (1/20; 6/9/22)

II-14 Anti-Harassment (1/20; 3/20; 6/16/22)

II-16 University Programs with Minors (formerly Minors on Campus) (5/20/22)

II-18.4 Conflicts of Commitment (Effort) (3/20)

II-18.5 Conflict of Interest in the Workplace (3/20; 1/14/21)

II-19.3 Security and Privacy (Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources) (3/11/22)

II-20 University Brand Policy and Required Notifications in Institutional Publications (formerly Publication Standards) (2/20)

II-27.1 Principles for Determining the Suitability of Research Done in the University (effective 7/1/23)

II-27.2 Principles Governing Access to Research Information (effective 7/1/23)

II-27.3 Process for Access to Research Information (effective 7/1/23)

II-27.7 Corporate- and Industry-Sponsored Projects (7/10/20; 1/4/22; 7/1/23)

II-28 Academic Review (4/6/21)

III. Human Resources

III-1.2 Classifications of University Staff (8/4/20)

III-2 Merit System (6/24/22)

III-3.0 Temporary Furlough Benefit Extension Policy (8/3/20)

iII-3.1 The Relationship of P&S Staff to the University of Iowa (effective 7/1/23)

III-3.1l Temporary Furloughs for Non-Organized Professional and Scientific Staff (effective 2/1/22)

III-3.2 Performance Review for University Staff (12/30/20 and 3/23/22)

III-3.3 Guidelines for Employment of Professional and Scientific Research Staff Members (7/18/22)

III-3.4 Classification Review of Professional and Scientific (P&S) Staff Positions (3/16/22)

III-3.5 Procedures for Creating a New Professional and Scientific Job Classification or Modifying the Pay Level of an Existing Classification (3/17/22)

III-3.6 Classification Review of a Merit Position to a Professional and Scientific (P&S) Staff Position (3/18/22)

III-3.7 Career Advancement of Professional and Scientific Staff Positions (5/4/21)

III-5 Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows (11/5/21)

III-6.2 Involuntary Transfers of Faculty from Departments or Colleges (7/19/22)

III-8.5 Identification of and Initial Steps to Address Conflicts of Interest in Employment (1/14/21)

III-9.2 Credential Check at Point of Hire (7/20/23)

III-9.3 Criminal Background Check at Point of Hire (8/1/23)

III-9.6 Affirmative Action Employment Guidelines (6/17/22; 7/25/23)

III-9.7 Consideration of Misconduct in Prior Employment (7/1/23)

III-10.0 Temporary Policy on Faculty Salary Reduction (6/17/20)

III-11.7 Emeritus Status for Retirees (effective 7/1/23)

III-12 Termination of Appointment (7/18/23)

III-15.2 Responsibilities to Students (Professional Ethics and Academic Responsibility) (9/21/22)

III-15.6 Responsibilities to the Community (Professional Ethics and Academic Responsibility) (6/4/21)

III-16.4 Ethics and Responsibiities (Ethics and Responsibilities for University of Iowa Staff) (6/4/21)

III-17.2 Hours, Overtime, Call Back, and Standby (On Call) Status (8/10/21)

III-17.3 Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks (12/6/19)

III-17.8(1)  Summer Session Salaries (12/8/20)

III-17.8(2) Winter Session Salaries  (3/22/21)

III-17.12 Compensation for Military Leave of Absence (6/3/20)

III-17.19 Converting Faculty and Staff Salaries between Fiscal and Academic Year (1/20)

III-18 Insurance (7/19/23)

III-19 Flexible Spending Accounts (8/6/21)

III-22.1 Definitions (Paid Absences) (effective 8/1/23)

III-22.3 Sick Leave Policy (8/1/23)

III-22.7 Family and Medical Leave Act (3/20)

III-22.8 Parental Leave Policy (8/12/22; 8/1/23)

III-22.9 Catastrophic Leave Donations (1/1/20)

III-22.12 Blood, Bone Marrow, and Living Organ Donation (effective 10/1/21)

iii-23.2 Vacations (7/18/23)

III-24 Work Arrangements (formerly Flexible Work Arrangements) (7/1/21)

III-26.4 Professional Development Internship Program for Staff (deleted 1/12/23)

III-27 University of Iowa Tuition Assistance Program (8/15/22)

III-30 Grievance Procedure for Biweekly Student Employees (8/1/23)

III-33 Personal Protective Equipment (7/22/20)

III-34 Accidents (7/22/20)

III-38.2 Cash Awards and Gift Certificates (removed 9/7/21)

IV. Students

IV-2 Sexual Misconduct Involving Students (removed 8/14/20; see II-4 Interim Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct)

IV-8 Absences from Class (3/3/20)

V.  Administrative, Financial, and Facilities 

V-1.1 Treasurer's Office (12/13/19)

V-4.4 Credit Cards (11/19/19)

V-4.6 Miscellaneous Cash Advances (11/19/19)

V-10 State Sales Tax on Goods and Services (9/22/22)

V-11 Purchasing (7/15/22)

V-12.17 University Surplus (8/24/22)

V-15.8 Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Testing (2/9/21)

V-16.6 Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) (5/18/20)

V-17.3 Definition and Identification of Records (3/31/22)

V-19.2 Regulations (Fleet Services) (9/8/22)

V-22 Travel Regulations (2/7/20; 8/5/21; 8/19/22; 8/24/22)

V-27 Parking Regulations (10/19; 12/19; 8/25/22)

V-28 Campus Speakers and Programs (5/17/21)

V-34 Capital Improvement Projects (8/7/20)

 V-35 Conditions of Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces (formerly Conditions of Use of University Facilities) (3/15/21)

V-36 Control, Use, and Assignment of Physical Facilities (removed 3/15/21; see V-35 Conditions of Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces)

V-37 Use of the Pentacrest (removed 3/15/21; see V-35 Conditions of Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces)

V-38 Use of Campus Outdoor Areas Other Than the Pentacrest (removed 3/15/21; see V-35 Conditions of Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces)

V-44 Art in State Buildings (deleted 7/20/21)

V-46 European Union General Data Protection Regulation (4/17/20)

VI. Services

VI-1 Campus Safety (formerly University Department of Public Safety) (7/1/23)

VI-9 General Stores (8/30/22)

VI-11 University Parking and Transportation Department (12/19)

VI-21 Printing Services (8/31/22)

VI-22 Custom Publishing (8/30/22)

VI-28 UI Wellness (8/20)

VI-29 Family Services (7/13/21)

VI-30 Reward and Recognition (8/20)

VI-31 Organizational Effectiveness (8/20)

VI-32 University of Iowa Threat Assessment Team (12/18/19; 7/1/23)

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