What’s New in the Operations Manual

Revisions made since August 15, 2017:


II. Community

II-16 Minors on Campus (12/1/17)

III. Human Resources

III-9.3 Criminal Background Check at Point of Hire (9/17)

III-17.2 Hours, Overtime, Call Back, and Standby (On Call) Status) (11/17)

III-23.1 Holidays (10/17)

III-32.4 Minors in the Workplace (10/17)

III-37 Access to Medical and Exposure Records (9/17)

V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities Policies

V-1 Accounts (9/17; 12/17)

V-2 Allocation and Transfer of Funds (9/17)

V-4 Cash and Credit Card Receipts (9/17; 12/17)

V-9 Fund Solicitation and Prohibition on the Use of University Funds for Charitable Purposes (formerly Fund Solicitation) (1/18)

V-9.3 Charitable Donations to Outside Organizations (1/18)

V-19.4 Fleet Services: Fines, Charges, and Violations (9/17)

V-19.5 University Driving Policy (formerly Fleet Safety Program) (9/17)

V-30 University of Iowa Intellectual Property Policy (8/17)

VI. Services

VI-2 Office of the University Ombudsperson (9/17)


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