What’s New in the Operations Manual

Revisions made since September 1, 2019:

I. Governance

I-2.2 Tax Information (1/8/20)

II. Community

II-4 Sexual Harassment (1/20)

II-10 Violence (1/20)

II-11 Anti-Retaliation (1/20)

II-14 Anti-Harassment (1/20)

II-20 University Brand Policy and Required Notifications in Institutional Publications (formerly Publication Standards) (2/20)

II-27.2 Faculty/Staff Parking (10/19)

III. Human Resources

III-17.3 Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks (12/6/19)

III-17.19 Converting Faculty and Staff Salaries between Fiscal and Academic Year (1/20)

III-22.9 Catastrophic Leave Donations (effective 1/1/20)

V.  Administrative, Financial, and Facilities 

V-1.1 Treasurer's Office (12/13/19)

V-4.4 Credit Cards (11/19/19)

V-4.6 Miscellaneous Cash Advances (11/19/19)

V-22.2 Travel Procedures (2/7/20)

V-27 Parking Regulations (12/19)

VI. Services

VI-11 University Parking and Transportation Department (12/19)

VI-32 University of Iowa Threat Assessment Program (12/18/19)

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