Organization of University of Iowa Policy Manual

  • Part I. Governance consists of two divisions: one containing a description of governance, statutory authorizations, and mission statements of University of Iowa units; and the other containing “Affiliated Organizations” -- organizations that are legally distinct from The University of Iowa but are affiliated with the University by virtue of their related missions. 
  • Part II. Community Policies includes policies with broad application to all members of the University community, such as the Human Rights Policy. 
  • Part III. Human Resources includes policies which apply to faculty and staff. 
  • Part IV. Students includes policies which have distinct application to students. 
  • Part V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities Policies includes all policies formerly listed under the headings “Financials” and “Buildings and Campus Facilities.” 
  • Part VI. Services describes services available to the entire University community.

Some policies are followed by a “Review” that includes a policy summary and/or frequently asked questions.

Offices/units responsible for each policy are listed in the Table of Contents below chapter and policy name.

When applicable, policy texts are followed by their legal sources: IC = Iowa Code, IAC = Iowa Administrative Code, BRPM = Board of Regents Policy Manual, CFR = Code of Federal Regulations.