The University of Iowa is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations, and policies of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, which provide broad direction on University affairs. This University of Iowa Policy Manual contains University administrative, financial, and community policies, as well as certain University-level implementing procedures. These policies and procedures have been developed to supplement and clarify Regent policy and to incorporate specific requirements of federal, state, and administrative rules and regulations.

Scope of Manual

A University policy may include governing principles, it may either mandate or constrain action, it may ensure compliance with laws, or it may mitigate the University’s risk. A policy is a set of rules or guidelines that has been officially sanctioned by the President of the University and that has University-wide application. Some University policies, though carrying institutional force and effect, are not included in the Policy Manual. Divisional, collegiate, or departmental procedures and guidelines, although useful and important, do not meet these criteria, and therefore are not published in the Policy Manual. Such procedures and guidelines shall not conflict, or have the potential to conflict, with University policies. Although not University policies, some of these procedures and guidelines are referenced in related Policy Manual sections, as appropriate, and/or linked to this site. Noncompliance with a University policy and/or related implementing procedure, or with other divisional, collegiate, or departmental procedure, may result in discipline.

Interpretation and Application of Policies

Members of the University community with questions about the interpretation and application of a policy in this  Policy Manual may seek advice from their supervisor, HR Unit Representative, the Office of the Dean of Students, etc. The Offices of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, the General Counsel, and the vice president designated in the table of contents as responsible for the policy are also available to assist in interpreting policies. The Offices of the General Counsel and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations may be contacted for facilitating policy development and review.


* The new name Policy Manual is effective November 3, 2023.