Chapter 8 – Absences from Class

(Amended 9/93)

8.1 General

Each college within the University is free to establish its own rules and regulations concerning absences from class. However, University regulations require that students be allowed to make up examinations which have been missed due to illness, mandatory religious obligations, or other unavoidable circumstances or University activities.

Policies regarding conflicts between examinations scheduled outside of class, regularly scheduled exams, and regularly scheduled courses are described in the current Schedule of Courses.

8.2 Absences Following Athletic Victories

  1. General. The desirability of wholesome interest in and enthusiasm for activities sponsored by the University is fully recognized. If this interest and enthusiasm should find expression in group activities, arrangements for such programs should be made through the proper administrative channels, should reflect the wishes of the entire student body, and should not interfere with regularly scheduled University classes.
  2. Policy. It is the definite policy of the University to recognize only those holidays specifically provided for in the official calendar prepared by the appropriate committee appointed by the President under authority granted by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. It is contrary to University policy to grant holidays from classes following athletic victories, and such holidays will not be approved.