19.2 Regulations

(Amended 12/06; 1/09; 2/11; 10/15; 10/18; 9/8/22)
  1. General. Fleet Services vehicles may be rented on a short-term or leased on a long-term basis for official university business. The department to which a university vehicle is assigned is responsible for ascertaining that the vehicle is operated by authorized individuals, in accordance with the University of Iowa Fleet Safety Program and used only on official university business. Official university business constitutes business directly concerned with university activities and for which expenses are a proper charge to the university. Authorized drivers and passengers are described in V-15.7 University Driving Policy. Family members may be transported only if they are qualified university employees and also traveling on official university business.
  2. Reservations. Rental vehicles may be reserved by means of a Fleet Services requisition approved by the dean, departmental executive officer, or administrative officer and submitted to Fleet Services as far in advance as possible (at least three days). Requisitions may be accepted on a "same day" basis when vehicles are available. Fleet Services vehicles may be requisitioned on a long-term basis when the need for continued use of a vehicle exists. Minimum lease term is three months and is based on vehicle availability. Requisitions for monthly leases will require a departmental written justification and approval by the university Fleet Services Manager.
  3. Operating laws and regulations. Fleet Services vehicles are to be operated in accordance with all applicable laws and Fleet Services rules and regulations (see V-15.7 University Driving Policy).
  4. Permanent assignments. Vehicles assigned to departments on a permanent basis are to be parked overnight in university parking facilities and are not to be driven to and from work, unless prior written approval has been granted. Approval may be granted by the unit's dean or vice president by sending a letter to Fleet Services explaining the need for the vehicle to be driven to and from work. All other UI fleet and fleet safety policies apply.
  5. Servicing. All Fleet Services vehicles driven in the Iowa City area must be serviced (gas, oil, repairs, etc.) at the Fleet Services maintenance facility. The Fleet Services fueling station is open 24 hours. Appointments for vehicle maintenance can be made by contacting the Fleet Services Shop Supervisor.
  6. Accidents/claims. University drivers must report to Risk Management all vehicle accidents involving injuries immediately and all other incidents within 48 hours/2 working days. Vehicle accidents may be reported electronically online by completing the Vehicle Accident Report Form found at Employee Self-Service under the General Systems & Tools menu or by completing a Vehicle Accident Report form and submitting it to Risk Management at risk-management@uiowa.edu.
  7. Vehicle identification and graphics policy. The university logo and wordmark must be placed on the left and right side of university vehicles, ideally on the driver and passenger doors. Additionally, the name of the college, department, or program that owns or operates a particular vehicle should appear under the wordmark on that vehicle.

    Logo, wordmark, and college/department/program name decals for vehicles are to be installed by Fleet Services. The application of any additional logos or graphics to a vehicle is prohibited without prior approval by Fleet Services.

    For additional information about the university's identity system, see https://brand.uiowa.edu. For more information on this vehicle identification and graphics policy, contact the Director of Parking and Transportation.
  8. Fleet rentals.
    1. Vehicle pickup at Fleet Services — display of license, authorized drivers only. A Fleet Services vehicle will not be released to any person other than an authorized, approved driver of the requisitioning department. A Fleet Services vehicle will not be released to any person unless the person presents an unexpired (no grace period) U.S. driver's license that reasonably identifies that person. International driver's licenses will not be accepted.
    2. Drivers may be required to sign a statement certifying compliance with the University Driving Policy requirements regarding licensing, training, convictions, moving violations, and accidents.
    3. Student drivers (non-employees). UI vehicles will be released to student drivers only if  the student has an assignment in the Risk Management’s Driver’s License Review System and is in compliance with the University Driving Policy driving standards.
  9. Vehicle inspection, service, and maintenance policy. 
    1. University vehicles licensed for operation on public roads are required to be serviced and maintained in accordance with Fleet Services guidelines. Every vehicle must undergo an annual inspection by Fleet Services. If authorized by Fleet Services, university departments with dedicated, full-service vehicle maintenance facilities (e.g., Cambus) with trained staff may provide services, maintenance, and inspections in compliance with this policy.
    2. The annual vehicle inspection shall focus on areas of the vehicle that directly affect its safe operation, including steering, tires, brakes, glass, lights, emissions system, and horn. The inspector will provide a written, signed report of the areas, equipment, or items inspected, including the date, name of facility and inspector, vehicle make/model and identification number, mileage, and notations of operating deficiencies. Provided the vehicle has no operating deficiencies, it shall be deemed to have passed the inspection and may be returned to normal usage. Correction of any operating deficiency must be completed within seven calendar days of the inspection. Repairs are to be performed at the Fleet Services maintenance facility or as otherwise approved in this policy. After correction of deficiencies, the vehicle must pass reinspection.
    3. Fleet Services guidelines for vehicle service and maintenance include complying with manufacturer's service recommendations; using recommended types of gasoline; maintaining proper fluid levels (oil, antifreeze coolant, brakes, transmission, etc.) and ensuring proper tire pressure; working signals, lights (headlamps, turn-signal lights, taillights, brake lights, etc.), brakes, and other vehicle safety items.
    4. Failure to comply with the service, maintenance, and inspection requirements of this policy may result in suspension of driving privileges, increased insurance charges, and/or loss of the vehicle.
  10. Animals. 
    1. With the exception of service or assistive animals, animals are prohibited from university vehicles. Service and assistive animals are specially trained at a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability. 
    2. Drivers who need to transport a University of Iowa laboratory animal may do so in university vehicles once vehicle approval is received from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Please notify Fleet Services when making the reservation that you have a qualified need to transport an animal. 
    3. Emotional support animals and pets may not enter university vehicles.