Policy Amendments 2018–19

Revisions made between August 15, 2018, and September 1, 2019:


I. Governance

I-2.8(3) University Staff Council (6/24/19)

I-2.8(13) Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Charter (5/1/19)

I-3.2 UI Health Care: Governance (1/19)

II. Community

II-4 Sexual Harassment (9/21/18)

PDF icon II-9 Firearms and Other Weapons on Campus (8/29/19)

II-10 Violence (9/21/18)

II-11 Anti-Retaliation (9/21/18)

II-14 Anti-Harassment (9/21/18)

II-16 Minors on Campus (10/23/18; 3/20/19)

II-38 Tobacco-Free Campus (formerly V-35.5a) (6/11/19)

III. Human Resources

III-3.1 The Relationship of Professional and Scientific Staff to The University of Iowa (10/18)

III-9.4 Filling Open Merit Positions (6/5/19)

III-9.6  Affirmative Action Employment Guidelines (6/5/19)

III-11.7 Emeritus Status for Retirees (4/2/19)

III-21.2 Leaves of Absence without Compensation (6/19)

PDF icon III-22.10 Religious Diversity and the University Calendar (8/9/19)

III-24.9 Volunteer Time Release (9/18)

III-26.6 Tuition and Fees of Faculty and Staff Registered for No Academic Credit (Audit) (2/19)

III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff (4/16/19; 6/6/19)

III-38 Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees (2/19)

IV. Students

PDF icon IV-4 Student Organizations (8/18)

PDF icon IV-8 Absences from Class (8/9/19)

V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities Policies

V-6.2 Consultant and Independent Contractor on Grants and Contracts (7/1/19)

V-6.3 Selecting and Paying for Consultant and Independent Contractor Service and Obtaining Approval (6/19)

V-11.23 Technology Allowance Policy (1/19)

V-12.5 Equipment Acquisition, Disposition, and Transfer (10/18)

V-12.13 Works of Art (10/18)

V-15.7 University Driving Policy (formerly V-19.5) (10/18; 12/18)

V-16.6 Critical Incident Management Team (12/18; 6/19)

V-19 Fleet Services (10/18)

V-22 Travel Regulations (10/18)

V-30 University of Iowa Intellectual Property Policy (5/6/19)

V-35.5a Tobacco-Free Campus (moved to II-38) (6/11/19)

VI. Services

VI-23 UI Employee Assistance Program (5/30/19)


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