Policy Amendments 2014–15

New and amended policies between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015:

I. Governance

I-2.8(5) Student Governments at The University of Iowa (7/14)

I-2.8(9) Council on Teaching (12/14)

I-2.8(19) Research Council Charter (5/15)

II. Community

II-3 Human Rights (9/14)

II-6 Nondiscrimination Statement (5/15)

II-9 Complaints of Discrimination (deleted 9/14; now part of II-3 Human Rights)

II-10 Violence (5/15)

II-14 Anti-Harassment (5/15)

II-18.7 Institutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research (5/15)

II-21 Licensing (5/15)

II-27.6 Ethics in Research (8/14)

III. Human Resources

III-3.1 The Relationship of Professional and Scientific Staff to The University of Iowa (2/15)

III-7 Access to Personnel Files (10/14)

III-21 Leaves of Absence (10/14)

III-22 Paid Absences (10/14)

III-23.2 Vacations (10/14)

III-38 Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees (2/15)

IV. Students

IV-1.1 Student Rules and Regulations (5/15)

IV-2 Sexual Misconduct Involving Students, Including Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (10/1/14)

V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities

V-1 Accounts (2/15)

V-11 Purchasing (8/14)

V-17 Records Management (9/14)

V-33 Building Renewal (deleted 7/14)

V-43 Safety, Health, and Environment Policy (9/14)

VI. Services

VI-26 Dual Career Services (1/15)