Policy Amendments 2012–13

New and amended policies between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013:

I. Governance

I-2.8(24) Sustainability Committee Charter (12/12) 

II. Community

II-12.6 A Drug Free Environment: Resources Available to University Faculty and Staff (9/12) 

II-15 Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children (1/13) 

II-18.6 Conflict of Interest in Research (8/24/12) 

II-27.6 Ethics in Research (3/13) 

II-27.7 Corporate- and Industry-Sponsored Research (3/13; 4/13) 

II-30 Housing (5/13) 

III. Human Resources

III-3.1 The Relationship of P&S Staff to The University of Iowa (8/12; 6/13) 

III-9.3 Criminal Background Check at Point of Hire (1/14/13) 

III-9.8 Diversity in Employment Guidelines (8/12) 

III-10.1 Tenure and Non-Tenure Appointments (4/13) 

III-10.11 Fixed-Term Faculty Appointments (6/13) 

III-13 Oral Communication Competence of Instructional Staff (5/13)

III-14 Teaching Proficiency Standards for Teaching Assistants (5/13)

III-16.4 University Staff: Ethics and Responsibilities (2/13) 

III-17.17(4) Employment on Grants and Contracts Administered by the University (11/12) 

III-17.17(6) Extra Compensation for Teaching Academic Courses (1/13) 

III-20 UIHC Discount Policy for Services Furnished to Hospital Trainees (3/13) 

III-24 Flexible Work Arrangements (4/13) 

III-25 Attendance at Council or Committee Meetings by Staff Members (4/13) 

III-28 Conflict Management Resources for University Staff (9/12; 12/12; 4/13) 

III-34 Accidents (8/12; 4/13) 

III-37 Access to Medical and Exposure Records (9/12) 

IV. Students

IV-7 Interference in Classroom Activities (deleted 5/13) 

V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities

V-4.4 Credit Cards (10/12) 

V-5 Policy and Procedures on Gifts, Grants, and Contracts (4/13) 

V-17 Records Management (9/12) 

V-22 Travel Regulations (6/13) 

V-29 Bulletin Boards (7/12) 

V-41 Building and Room Keys (4/13) 

V-44 Art in State Buildings (3/13) 

V-45 Video Surveillance (9/12) 


VI-1 University Department of Public Safety (5/13) 

VI-24 Career Services for Students (formerly Placement Services for Students) (5/13)