2.8(12) University of Iowa Retirees Association Charter

(President 3/8/24)

Effective March 8, 2024, this is a new policy. 

  1. Name. The name of this organization is University of Iowa Retirees Association, hereafter known as UIRA.
  2. Membership. UIRA represents staff and faculty who are at least 55 years old and have retired from the University of Iowa. Such faculty and staff and their spouses or significant others are eligible to be members of the UIRA. Associate membership (non-voting, non–office holding) is open to those who have present or previous ties to the university.
  3. Government. UIRA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the UIRA membership. The Board of Directors is led by a president who serves only one year, the immediate past president, and a vice president/president-elect elected by the UIRA membership. The UIRA is organized with a committee structure to accomplish the work of the association.
  4. Mission and goals.
    1. Mission. The mission of UIRA is to facilitate support of the University of Iowa by retired faculty and staff members and to promote the interests and welfare of those retirees. The UIRA strives to help members keep in touch with each other and with the social and intellectual life of the university. 
    2. Goals. The goals of UIRA are: 
      1. Offer programs on topics of interest to retirees.
      2. Provide opportunities for social engagement and interaction of retirees.
      3. Provide advice and assistance to current and prospective members on matters of mutual concern.
      4. Support the university’s commitment to student success through initiatives mutually agreed upon by the UIRA Board of Directors and the Office of the President and University Human Resources liaisons.
  5. Meetings. The UIRA membership shall meet at least annually. Other meetings shall be called by the president of the UIRA to consider one or more specific issues if requested to do so by the Board of Directors.
  6. Duties of the Board of Directors.
    1. Represent the UIRA and act as its executive committee between meetings of the UIRA members. The Board of Directors will organize itself in any manner appropriate for the accomplishment of its duties.
    2. Report on its activities to UIRA members at the annual meeting of the UIRA and, to the extent feasible, by correspondence between annual meetings.
    3. Maintain and make public the records of its own proceedings, UIRA proceedings, and all reports and communications received from UIRA committees.
    4. Maintain a liaison with the University of Iowa President’s office and with the University of Iowa Human Resources office.
  7. Amendment. Amendments to the UIRA bylaws may be initiated by the Board of Directors or at the annual meeting of the UIRA membership on motion of any member. The UIRA membership will be asked to approve any proposed changes from the membership by vote of all members.