8.3 Certification to Solicit for Optional Student Fee

An organization in conformity with V-8.2 shall, subject to the requirements of V-8.5a and b, be certified as authorized to solicit individual obligations by members of the student body for an optional student fee, and The University of Iowa Student Government (hereinafter, the UISG) shall certify that fact to the University, for each such organization meeting either of the two following criteria:

  1. a two-thirds affirmative vote of the UISG has been achieved on the issue of authorization for that organization at a duly convened meeting of the UISG; or
  2. petitions are received by the UISG, conferring authorization upon the named organization, provided the petitions bear valid signatures of students in twice the number as voted in the most recent all-University election, or thirty-five percent of the student body, whichever is larger, and provided the organization is eligible under V-8.2