8.5 Procedures and Conditions of Solicitation

An organization authorized to solicit under the provisions of V-8.3 and not having such authorization terminated under the provisions of V-8.4, may solicit funds under the following conditions and by the following procedures:

  1. the total amount of all optional student fees solicited shall not exceed $30 per student per tuition term, and no one organization may solicit for more than $2 of those $30; and
  2. where more than one organization is authorized to solicit, the organizations shall be judged eligible to participate in the order in which they become currently authorized, until the $30 total limit is reached, and for purposes of deciding precedence the date of the vote shall be controlling for authorizations achieved in accordance with V-8.3a; and the date of receipt by the UISG of sufficient valid petitions shall be controlling for authorizations achieved in accordance with V-8.3b herein; the UISG shall be the judge of disputes as to precedence arising under this provision, and the Senate shall certify to the University which organizations are eligible to participate in what dollar amounts; and
  3. the University shall include one or more obligation instruments (for example, a computer card or equivalent form) indicating thereon the name of any organizations certified to it by the UISG as eligible for participation in accordance with V-8.3a and V-8.5b, together with the dollar value of the solicited optional student fee for each such organization, place for the student's authorizing signature, and instructions that if assessment of any optional fee is desired in a subsequent University bill the card should be completed, signed, and returned; the said instrument(s) to be enclosed, in regular materials delivered to all students, such as the registration packet or the first mailed University term bill, in accordance with, for authorizations by petition, the method called for by the petition; at the option of each certified organization educational information may be stated on said instrument or included with said instrument, and
  4. each student who incurs an obligation to pay the optional student fee attached to a particular organization in the instrument and under the procedure of subsection c of this section, shall have the amount of that fee billed to their account in regular fashion, and
  5. each student billed under subsection d of this section shall be released from their obligation within a fifteen-day period following the final day for payment without penalty, upon application in writing to the University Billing Office, and
  6. each student billed under subsection d of this section, and who pays on the obligation, shall have the payment refunded on the basis of mistaken payment provided they apply to the University Billing Office for such refund within fifteen days following the final day for payment without penalty.