27.1 General

The Department of Parking and Transportation oversees the operation, maintenance, and construction of all parking facilities on the main campus. Parking and Transportation operates three main Parking units: Parking Services, Parking Facilities Operations, and Commuter Programs.

  1. Parking Services is located in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) Parking Ramp and addresses most questions regarding faculty, staff, and student permit parking, waiting lists, parking enforcement citations or violations, appeals, parking for conferences and special events, and contractor parking. Parking Services also is the point of sale for employee and student bus passes, bicycle registration, and payroll deductions. Printed maps and parking and bicycle regulations are available at the Parking Services office.
  2. Parking Facilities Operations, located in Hospital Parking Ramp II, is responsible for cashiering public facilities, maintaining all parking structures, lots, equipment, snow removal, large special events, and maintaining parking meters and sign production.
  3. Commuter Programs, located in Hospital Ramp II, administers the employee van pool system; employee and student bus pass programs; TRIP, the Rideshare Incentive Program; car pooling; and the Emergency Ride Home Program.