2.8(16) Committee on Parking and Transportation Charter

(Amended 5/07; 6/09; 7/13)
  1. Membership. Confirmed by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations:
    1. Three members appointed by the governing body of the faculty, currently the Faculty Senate;
    2. Four members appointed by the governing body of the students, currently for purposes of this committee, the joint nominations committee of the UISG and GPSG;
    3. Three members appointed by the governing body of the staff, currently the Staff Council.
    4. Committee is chaired by a staff member; chair selection is made by the president of Staff Council.
  2. Charge to the Committee.
    1. The Committee shall be governed by the terms of the General Charter.
    2. In addition, the Committee shall:
      1. Advise on both short-term and long-term plans for handling on-campus automobile and motorcycle traffic, including flow, control, parking, and storage. Committee members shall consult the appropriate administrative officers and the Campus Planning Committee to inform themselves regarding land use, parking lot design, and landscaping as these considerations bear on campus parking and transportation policies;
      2. Advise on plans for campus bicycle traffic;
      3. Advise on plans for other modes of transportation, including Cambus;
      4. Advise on rules and regulations and fee schedules pertaining to all modes of campus parking and transportation, including priorities, registrations, and penalties for violations;
      5. Advise on procedure for handling appeals of fines arising from alleged violations of traffic or parking regulations;
      6. Advise in developing and reviewing plans for coordinating university transportation and facilities with those of city, county, state, and federal agencies.

(See also the Committee on Parking and Transportation website.)