Chapter 27 – Parking Regulations

(Amended 9/93; 12/05; 12/06; 10/18; 10/19; 12/19; 8/25/22)

27.1 General

(Amended 8/25/22)

The Department of Parking and Transportation oversees the operation, maintenance, and construction of all parking facilities on the main campus. Parking and Transportation operates four main Parking units: Parking Services, Parking Facilities Operations, Field Services, and Commuter Programs.

Departmental policies are reviewed by a university charter committee known as the Committee on Parking and Transportation (see I-2.8(16)). This body advises on fees, regulations, planning, and other policies that may govern the department.

27.2 Faculty/Staff Parking

(Amended 10/19; 12/19)

Applications for parking privileges for faculty and staff members are available on the Parking and Transportation website and at the Parking Services Office in the West Campus Transportation Center. All applications for new parking must be signed by the employee and submitted to the Parking Services Office. Faculty or staff members may have parking charged as a pre-tax payroll deduction. Faculty and staff members not eligible for University payroll must remit parking fees with their application. Parking assignments to lots are made on a space-available basis, and some lot assignments are made on a priority basis. Unusual parking requests, or circumstances which require special assignment of space, should be explained fully when an application for parking is made. Requests for parking based on a disability must be submitted with proof of possession of a state parking permit for the disabled. Either a temporary or a permanent placard is required. 

Parking permits are distributed by U.S. mail or campus mail, or can be picked up at the West Campus Transportation Center. Faculty and staff are expected to be familiar with and to abide by the parking regulations. Questions concerning parking should be directed to the Parking Services Division located at the West Campus Transportation Center.

For faculty/staff parking assignment policy, see V-27.6 below.

27.3 Parking Violations

The Department of Parking and Transportation is responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations on campus. The department also originates the billing for parking violations and coordinates appeal procedures through the Faculty-Staff Parking Appeals Committee and committee of the the Student Judicial Court. Appeals on parking violations written for members of the general public are handled administratively. All violation appeals are directed to the Parking Services Office for distribution.

27.4 Conference and Special Event Parking

Upon request, the Department of Parking and Transportation will, where possible, make special parking arrangements for conferences, institutes, short courses, and athletic or other special events which have not been arranged through the Center for Conferences. A fee may be charged to cover costs. It is recommended that the charge for parking be included in any registration or attendance fee. To secure the necessary parking permits and space, a requisition stating the number of permits needed and the dates should be sent to the Parking Services Office. Parking for conferences and special events arranged through the Center for Conferences is handled through that office.

27.5 Parking for Contractors and Consultants

Unless otherwise specified by contract, contractors doing work within the University campus are not allowed to use University student, faculty, and staff parking facilities. Space for parking, other than that which a contractor can utilize within the site of the construction work, must be arranged for in advance. Permits for laborers on the campus will be issued after the payment of parking fees commensurate with those charged to University staff. Consultants not on the University payroll but doing work for University departments may be issued parking permits on a space-available basis upon payment of fees commensurate with those charged University staff.

27.6 Parking Assignment Policy

The policies governing faculty/staff parking assignments have been designed to balance a concern for fairness with the functional needs of the University. To ensure fairness, faculty/staff parking facilities have first been allocated among the numerous work sites around campus in an effort to provide reasonable access to most employees.

  1. Employment status. University of Iowa permanent employees who work half-time or more as defined by University Human Resources are eligible to receive a parking assignment to a 1) ramp reserved facility, 2) surface reserved facility, or 3) commuter parking facility.

    Permits may be made available in faculty/staff parking facilities to employees who work less than half-time or to currently registered students on a space-available basis.
  2. Work address. An employee's eligibility for a specific parking facility is dependent upon their work address. Each University work address has a range of parking site options that includes both reserved and commuter assignments.
  3. Waiting lists. Many parking facilities are regularly assigned to capacity so the rate at which new assignments can be made is dependent upon the rate at which current assignments are canceled; someone has to leave in order for a space to become available for a new assignment. Since demand exceeds the capacity of many ramps and lots, Parking and Transportation maintains waiting lists for these facilities. Most new assignments are made from these waiting lists.

    Waiting lists for individual parking facilities are organized according to two factors. First, all names on the list are divided into the two categories of either faculty or staff. Second, each of these categories is organized according to the employee's University of Iowa employment start date, with the oldest dates receiving the highest priority.

    The faculty classification is very specific and includes only full-time (50 percent or greater) faculty classifications of FT, FS, FV, FQ, or FR and rankings of 1100, 1200, or 1300. Also included are classifications FH 1500 and 1600; FB 1100 and 1200; and FN 1100, 1200, and 1500. The faculty classification also includes the President, vice presidents, deans, and select University officials and administrators. Other assignments may be made at the discretion of the Director of Parking and Transportation. All other University of Iowa employees are classified as staff, regardless of their individual classification. This would include merit, professional and scientific, adjunct faculty, house staff, most administrators, and others.

    Since each list is organized according to University of Iowa employment date, the relative positions of each individual on a list may change over time. Individuals with older employment dates may apply later and move ahead of individuals already on the list. 
  4. Assignments. Assignments are made to each facility on an alternating basis from the separate lists of faculty and staff. If there are two assignments to make, one will come from the top of each list. If ten assignments are to be made, then five will come from each list. If the last assignment made to a facility came from the faculty list, then the next assignment will come from the staff list. Exceptions to this can be made by the Director of Parking and Transportation.

(See also IAC [681]4.1–4.8.)