2.3 Reviews of Position Classification

(Amended 11/04; 6/23/22)
  1. Reviews of position classification. Permanent employees and department heads may request a position classification review, and such requests shall be in written form. The employee's request will be forwarded to the resident director with a recommendation from the department head within 14 days of date of the request. The resident director or designee shall review the employee's and department head's request and with a recommendation forward the request to the merit system director within 20 working days. The merit system director or designee shall review and respond within 20 working days to the resident director, who will inform the employee and department head. If the employee or department head is not satisfied with the merit system director's decision, that person may appeal the decision in writing within 7 days of the merit system director's decision to a qualified classification appeal committee appointed in accordance with the procedures approved by the Board of Regents.
  2. The classification appeal committee will conduct such investigation as it deems necessary to determine the proper allocation of the position, and will notify the involved parties of its decision within 45 calendar days after the committee receives the appeal. Any further requests for review of the same position must be presented to the resident director in compliance with this rule and will be considered a new classification review. A new classification review will not be allowed for one year following the final decision on a request for review unless there have been substantial changes in the duties and responsibilities of the position. An appeal will be considered on the basis of duties and responsibilities assigned at the time of the original classification review, and in no case will the assignment of additional duties and responsibilities following the resident director's investigation of the original request for review be considered during the process of appeal as outlined above.

(See also IAC [681]3.127(8A).)