8.6 Management Plans

  1. As soon as notification of an actual or potential conflict of interest in employment has been received, the first neutral supervisor must develop a management plan by which the one related individual with the decision-making responsibility is removed from the decision-making processes that affect the employment status of the other related individual. If all the relevant individuals desire, a neutral supervisor superior to the first neutral supervisor may develop the management plan. If the conflict of interest might arise through a hiring decision, then the hiring process itself should be included in the management plan.

    A template describing the elements of a management plan is available at https://hr.uiowa.edu/policies/conflict-interest-employment. In addition, the co-chairs of the Committee on the Conflict of Interest in Employment (see III-8.9 below) are available for consultation regarding development of a management plan.
  2. The development of a management plan itself should not involve the participation of the related individuals except as provided by paragraph a above.
  3. The plan developed to manage the conflict of interest in employment of related individuals shall be submitted to the Committee on Conflict of Interest in Employment, after review by the dean, director, or vice president, as appropriate.
  4. The Committee shall review the proposed management plan and make recommendations on its use based upon its evaluation of the management plan's probable effectiveness in managing the conflict of interest in employment. The Committee's evaluation will include but not be limited to consideration of the plan's effectiveness in providing for objective decision making, creating and maintaining an atmosphere of equity and fairness, providing consistency in the treatment of employees, and allowing for the effective and efficient operation of the unit(s) in which the related individuals are employed. Where appropriate, the Committee also may recommend modifications to or rejection of the proposed management plan.
  5. The recommendations of the Committee shall be made to the university officer having responsibility for final approval of the employment-status decision. This officer shall make the decision concerning implementation of the management plan. If that officer is involved in the conflict of interest, the decision will be made by the President or the Board of Regents as appropriate.
  6. The Committee shall evaluate, periodically as it determines, or upon request of any individual who believes they are affected adversely by the management plan, the effectiveness of the established plan created to manage the conflict of interest in employment. The Committee's evaluation and recommendations for continuations, revisions, or rejection of the management plan shall be submitted to the vice president or other official who approved the implementation of the plan.