2.8(5) Student Governments at the University of Iowa

(Amended 9/93; 10/95; 4/07; 7/14)

Two co-equal student governments exist and derive authority from students at the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) represents and derives authority from the undergraduate student body. The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) represents and derives its authority from the graduate and professional student body.

Both UISG and GPSG shall participate in shared governance at the University of Iowa. UISG and GPSG shall collaborate with the other shared governance organizations on campus, notably the Faculty Senate and the Staff Council.

Each government is established, structured, and governed by separate procedures. The University of Iowa Student Government is governed by its constitution and the Graduate and Professional Student Government is governed by its charter. Both the PDF icon UISG Constitution and the PDF icon GPSG Charter explain an amendment process.

GPSG and UISG share jurisdiction over several areas of joint interest. These areas include: the University of IowaPDF icon Student Judicial CourtPDF icon Joint Finance Committee,PDF icon Nominations Committee, and PDF icon Lecture Committee Selection Committee. GPSG and UISG recognize that each of the joint committees must be governed by separate bylaws that identify the scope of work and processes of those committees. GPSG and UISG may amend said bylaws by passing concurrent legislation.

Provisions describing the committees over which UISG and GPSG share jurisdiction must be placed in the primary governing document of each respective student government.

GPSG and UISG shall appoint 3 undergraduate and 2 graduate/professional student representatives to the Student Activity Fee Committee. The Student Activity Fee Committee, in accordance with Iowa Code 262.34B and Board of Regents policy (BRPM 1.6I), makes Student Activity Fee allocation recommendations to the university President.