2.8(7) Information Technology Advisory Committee Charter

(Amended 5/07; 6/09; 7/13)
  1. Membership. Confirmed by the Executive Vice President and Provost:
    1. Seven members appointed by the governing body of the faculty, currently the Faculty Senate;
    2. Two members appointed by the governing body of the students, currently for the purposes of this committee, the joint nominations committee of the UISG and GPSG;
    3. Two members appointed by the governing body of the staff, currently the Staff Council.
    4. Committee is chaired by a faculty member; chair selection is made by the president of the Faculty Senate.
  2. Charge to the Committee.
    1. The Committee shall be governed by the terms of the General Charter.
    2. In addition, the Committee shall:
      1. Advise on the present and future needs of faculty, staff, and students for computing services and formulate recommendations for meeting these needs and for maintaining a proper balance among all academic computer needs and services in the university;
      2. Provide a forum to which faculty, staff, and students may refer questions and recommendations concerning university computer policies, services, and development;
      3. Advise in the development of general policies concerning the university's acceptance of computer funds from sources external to the university and the university's provision of computer services to users external to the university;
      4. Advise on procedures for proposals by faculty, staff, and students for funds to support computing of an extraordinary and innovative nature;
      5. Review from time to time the activities and recommendations made by working committees established by the designated administrative officer. (These working committees may be established for the purpose of advising the officer on specific administrative questions concerning the operation, development, and utilization of computer resources for teaching and research.)
  3. Guideline. In selecting and appointing members, it is advisable to choose those who have demonstrated computer competence appropriate to their academic computer involvements.

(See also the Information Technology Advisory Committee website.)