2.8(9) Council on Teaching Charter

(President 5/76; Amended 9/93; 3/97; 3/06; 5/07; 6/09; 7/13; 12/14)
  1. Membership. Confirmed by the Executive Vice President and Provost:
    1. Nine members, which must include one lecturer, appointed by the governing body of the faculty, currently the Faculty Senate;
    2. Four members appointed by the governing body of the students, currently for the purposes of this committee, the joint nominations committee of the UISG and GPSG;
    3. One member appointed by the governing body of the staff, currently the Staff Council.
    4. Director of the Center for Teaching (ex-officio).
    5. Committee is chaired by a faculty member; chair selection is made by the president of the Faculty Senate.
  2. Charge to the Council.
    1. The Council shall be governed by the terms of the General Charter.
    2. In addition, the Council shall:
      1. Provide a forum for discussion of present and future needs in the area of teaching and recommend programs for meeting these needs;
      2. Seek, evaluate, select candidates, and establish guidelines for university-wide teaching awards, including but not limited to: Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards, the President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence, Instructional Improvement Awards. Similarly, seek, evaluate, and select candidates for extra-university teaching awards, including U.S. Professor of the Year.
      3. Advise on development of proposals for outside funding to support curricular development, equipment for teaching, and any other proposals related to the teaching and learning effort of the university;
      4. Advise with respect to the policies, priorities, and procedures on:
        1. evaluation of teaching and learning, including codes of teaching responsibilities;
        2. university-wide experimental or nontraditional education programs;
        3. the method, time, and efficiency of registration;
        4. the conduct of convocations and commencements; and
        5. the university calendar.
      5. Serve in an advisory and oversight capacity for the Center for Teaching.
  3. Guidelines. In selecting and appointing members, it is advisable to choose those who have demonstrated an interest and proficiency in the teaching function of the university. Faculty members should be appointed in such a manner that at all times 4 shall be from the various professional colleges of the university, and 4 shall be from Liberal Arts and Sciences. The one from Liberal Arts and Sciences shall be appointed in such a manner that at all times one shall be related to the disciplines in Group I, one in Group II, one in Group III, and one at-large. These are the groupings used for voting purposes in the College.

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