2.8(17) Committee on Family Issues Charter

(Amended 9/93; 12/04; 5/07; 7/08; 6/09; 7/13; 10/15; 7/1/17)
  1. Membership. Confirmed by the Chief Human Resources Officer:
    1. Three members appointed by the governing body of the faculty, currently the Faculty Senate;
    2. Three members appointed by the governing body of the students, currently for the purposes of this committee, the joint nominations committee of the UISG and GPSG;
    3. Four members appointed by the governing body of the staff, currently the Staff Council.
    4. Membership Considerations. Care should be taken to represent the views of the many university constituencies that have parenting concerns and family issues through the life span, including staff (both merit and professional and scientific), students (both graduate and undergraduate), and faculty (both tenured and non-tenured).
    5. Committee is chaired by a staff member; chair selection is made by the president of Staff Council.
  2. Charge to the Committee.
    1. The Committee shall be governed by the terms of the General Charter.
    2. In addition, the Committee shall:
      1. Review and make recommendations about the development and implementation of programs, plans, and policies that promote a positive climate for families of faculty, staff, and students through the life span.
      2. Review and make recommendations about the implementation of university child or dependent care programs and plans.
  3. Guidelines.
    1. In selecting and appointing members, it is advisable to choose those who have demonstrated an awareness of and interest in child care and family issues.
    2. Staff members should be appointed in such a manner that there shall be merit staff and professional and scientific staff.
    3. The Manager of the Family Services Office shall be a non-voting, ex officio member.
    4. Administrative Liaisons who are non-voting members represent the Offices of the Provost and Human Resources.

(View the Family Issues Charter Committee website at https://uiowa.edu/ficc/.)