20.11 Required Notifications on Institutional Publications

  1. Recycled paper logo. All publications produced by agencies of the State of Iowa, including the University of Iowa, that are printed on recycled paper should contain the recycled paper logo developed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The logo should appear on the publication and, when practical and feasible, with the words “printed on recycled paper.”
  2. Nondiscrimination statement. The nondiscrimination statement must appear in all publications produced by any unit of the university describing educational programs, including continuing education programs and conferences, and all publications produced by any unit of the university for the purpose of recruiting individuals for employment or enrollment or participation in educational programs as prescribed in II-6 Nondiscrimination Statement.
  3. Accessibility statement. In compliance with the university's obligations under applicable federal and state law, all publications produced by any unit of the university that describe or invite public participation in programs at the university should contain the accessibility statement as prescribed in II-7 Disability Protection and Accessibility Statement.
  4. Fair Information Practices Act. According to Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa, notice must be given when any unit of the university requests personally identifiable information from a person, other than the kind of information appearing in the university directory.
    1. The notice should include the following:
      1. why the information is being requested;
      2. whether the information will be routinely disclosed outside the university, and if so, to whom;
      3. which information being requested is optional; and
      4.  what will happen if the information is not provided.
    2. The following are examples of this kind of notice:
      1. "The University of Iowa is asking you for the information on the attached reply card to help us stay in touch with you and send you information that might be of interest. Persons outside the university are not routinely provided this information except for directory information, such as name and local address. Although responses to items marked 'optional' are optional, responses to all other items are required in order for us to take action."
      2. "The University of Iowa requests this information for the purpose of processing registration and CEU records. No persons outside the university are routinely provided this information. Responses to items marked 'optional' are optional; responses to all other items are required. If you fail to provide the required information, the university may be unable to process your registration and CEU records."