18.8 Other University of Iowa Policies Related to Conflict of Interest

(Amended 8/24/12; 2/14)
  1. II-4 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
  2. II-5 Consensual Relationships Involving Students
  3. II-33 Use of University Name
  4. II-35 Prohibition on Giving and Receiving Gifts
  5. II-19 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
  6. II-27.6 Policy on Ethics in Research
  7. III-8 Conflict of Interest in Employment (Nepotism)
  8. III-15 Professional Ethics and Academic Responsibility
  9. III-17.7 Supplemental Activities and Extra Compensation
    1. III-17.17(1) Use of University Supplies
    2. III-17.17(2) Usurpation of Universities Opportunities
    3. III-17.17(3) Royalties from Course Materials
  10. V-11 Purchasing
    1. V-11.14 Conflict of Interest
    2. V-11.15 Purchases from University Faculty or Staff
    3. V-11.22 Items Which May Not Be Purchased
  11. V-30 Intellectual Property Policy Statement
  12. Start-Up Company Conflict of Interest Issues/Policies
  13. II-27.10 University of Iowa Authorship Policy
  14. University of Iowa Health Care Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy