45.5 Responsibility/Authority for Control

  1. The University officials in V-45.4 above are responsible for and will maintain oversight for the appropriate use of video surveillance consistent with this policy.
  2. DPS shall be given access to video surveillance equipment and footage upon demand when necessary to fulfill their mission and responsibilities as a law enforcement agency.
  3. Distribution of video surveillance footage to University personnel other than those originally approved at the time the request was made or for a specific use other than the original purpose must be approved in writing following the process established in V-45.4 above, by the University official, or a designee, that approved the original request. Any such distribution will be for legitimate University purposes and subject to applicable regulations and/or University policy.
  4. The location of all existing video surveillance equipment must be provided to DPS by December 31, 2012, and may be subject to review by the administrative committee in V-45.4a above.