27.2 Faculty/Staff Parking

(Amended 10/19; 12/19)

Applications for parking privileges for faculty and staff members are available on the Parking and Transportation website and at the Parking Services Office in the West Campus Transportation Center. All applications for new parking must be signed by the employee and submitted to the Parking Services Office. Faculty or staff members may have parking charged as a pre-tax payroll deduction. Faculty and staff members not eligible for University payroll must remit parking fees with their application. Parking assignments to lots are made on a space-available basis, and some lot assignments are made on a priority basis. Unusual parking requests, or circumstances which require special assignment of space, should be explained fully when an application for parking is made. Requests for parking based on a disability must be submitted with proof of possession of a state parking permit for the disabled. Either a temporary or a permanent placard is required. 

Parking permits are distributed by U.S. mail or campus mail, or can be picked up at the West Campus Transportation Center. Faculty and staff are expected to be familiar with and to abide by the parking regulations. Questions concerning parking should be directed to the Parking Services Division located at the West Campus Transportation Center.

For faculty/staff parking assignment policy, see V-27.6 below.