What’s New in the Operations Manual

Revisions made since July 1, 2016:


I. Governance

I-2.8(6) General Charter for University Committees (effective 7/1/17)

I-2.8(14) Committee on Lectures Charter (4/17)

I-2.8(17) Committee on Family Issues Charter (effective 7/1/17)


II. Community Policies

II-3.5 Human Rights: Applicable Procedures (effective 7/1/17)

II-4.5 Sexual Harassment: Resolution of Allegations Against Employees (Including Faculty, Other Instructors, and Staff Members) (effective 7/1/17)

II-5.5 Consensual Relationships Involving Students: Procedures (effective 7/1/17)

II-10.8 Violence: Investigation of Formal Complaints (effective 7/1/17)

II-10.10 Violence: Applicable Procedures (effective 7/1/17)

II-11.6 Anti-Retaliation: Procedures (effective 7/1/17)

II-14.6 Anti-Harassment: Investigation of Formal Complaints (effective 7/1/17)

II-14.8 Anti-Harassment: Applicable Procedures (effective 7/1/17)

II-18.4 Conflicts of Commitment (Effort) (effective 7/1/17)

II-19.5 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources: Administration and Enforcement (effective 7/1/17)

II-22.3 Attendance during Extreme Weather Conditions (effective 7/1/17)

II-27.1 Principles for Determining the Suitability of Research Done in the University (11/16) 

II-27.5 Administrative Surveys and Questionnaires (1/17; 4/17)

II-27.6 Ethics in Research (effective 7/1/17)

II-27.7 Corporate- and Industry-Sponsored Projects (11/16)

II-36 Social Security Numbers (7/16)


III. Human Resources

III-2.1 Merit System: Regulations (effective 7/1/17)

III-3.1 The Relationship of Professional and Scientific Staff Members to The University of Iowa (effective 7/1/17)

III-3.2 Performance Review for University Staff (effective 7/17)

III-5.4 Postdoctoral Scholars: Benefits, Social Security, and Retirement (5/17)

III-6.1 Merit System Staff Members (effective 7/1/17)

III-7.2 Access to Personnel Files: Professional and Scientific Staff, Faculty, and Merit System Staff (effective 7/1/17)

III-8.10 Conflict of Interest in Employment: Complaints of Policy Violations (4/17)

III-8.11 Conflict of Interest in Employment: Grievance (effective 7/1/17)

III.8.12 Conflict of Interest in Employment: Policy Violations and Resulting Disciplinary Actions (effective 7/1/17)

III-9.5 Recruitment Among Big Ten Academic Alliance Institutions (formerly Recruitment Among Committee on Institutional Cooperation Institutions) (11/16)

III-9.8 Hiring and Appointments: Diversity in Employment Guidelines (effective 7/1/17)

III-11.7 Emeritus Status for Retirees (9/16)

III-12.4 Graduate Assistant Dismissal Procedure (effective 7/1/17)

III-17.2 Hours, Overtime, Call Back, and Standby (On Call) Status (10/16; 5/17; effective 7/1/17)

III-18.1 Insurance: Eligibility (7/17)

III-18.2 Life Insurance (effective 7/1/17)

III-21.1 Leaves of Absence: General (effective 7/1/17)

III-22.1 Paid Absences: Definitions (effective 7/1/17)

III-22.2 General Policy on Absences (effective 7/1/17)

III-22.3 Sick Leave Policy: Leave for Medically Related Disability, Family Caregiving, Funerals, Service as a Pallbearer, Adoption, and On-the-Job-Injury (effective 7/1/17)

III-22.7 Family Medical Leave Act (effective 7/1/17)

III-22.8 Parental Leave Policy (effective 7/1/17)

III-23 Holidays and Vacations (effective 7/1/17)

III-24.1 Flexible Work Arrangements: General (effective 7/1/17)

III-26 Educational Opportunities (7/17)

III-27.3 University of Iowa Tuition Assistance Program: Program (7/17)

III-28.1 Policy on Conflict Management Resources (effective 7/1/17)

III-28.3 Merit System Members Grievance Procedures (formerly Exempt Merit System Members Grievance Procedures) (effective 7/1/17)

III-28.4 Grievance Procedures for Professional and Scientific Personnel (effective 7/1/17)

III-38 Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees (effective 7/1/17)


V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities

V-11.10b Moving Expenses (11/16)

V-11.23 Technology Allowance Policy (effective 7/1/17)

V-12.17 University Surplus (new 3/17)

V-23 Printing (3/17)

V-42 The Naming of Facilities and Programs (5/17)


VI. Services

VI-1 University Department of Public Safety (10/16)

VI-3.5 ITS Telecommunication & Network Services (TNS) (12/16)

VI-18 University Libraries (3/17)

VI-21 Printing Department (3/17)

VI-29 Family Services (9/16)


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