V-22.2 Procedures (2020)

(Amended 1/03; 6/13; 2/7/20)

Effective February 7, 2020, this policy has been revised. For the most current version without redlining, return to V-22.2.

  1. Authorization. Individuals traveling on University business, for in-state, out-of -state, and international locations must secure approval authorization from their department and appropriate University officials to assure that the travel is approvedand that funds are available for reimbursement in compliance with institutional and federal requirements, and funds are available when applicable. Out-of-state and international travel must be approved using the ProTrav trip request electronic form in advance of the trip. The University provides travel insurance for employees, students, and individuals traveling to international locations only if the ProTrav trip request is approved in advance of the departure date. Each department is responsible for establishing internal approval for in-state travel, and for informing its travelers of these processes and travel regulations.
  2. Forms.
    1. The following forms are used for travel-related payments:
      1. Request for Travel Advance -- to request cash and prepaid advances for travel expenses;
      2. Request for Travel -- approval for travel and funding.
      3. Procurement Card Voucher -- to reconcile travel-related expenses charged to the procurement card;
      4. Travel Expense Voucher -- to clear travel advances and to reimburse out-of-pocket travel expenses;
      5. E-voucher -- to make direct payments to vendors for conference registrations, hotel deposits, etc., in situations where the UI procurement card cannot be used.
    2. The University of Iowa requires approval of all travel-related forms by the traveler and the traveler's supervisor, department head, or dean. The traveler's approval is required and cannot be delegated. The second signature must be the traveler's supervisor, department head or dean, or their delegate (see V-7.3Signature Assignment). No individual may approve a form in more than one capacity. It is the traveler's and department's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate/approved departmental approvals are obtained, and/or to obtain multiple departmental signatures when required, prior to the form being sent to the Travel Department.
  3. Travel advances. Travel cash advances are used to cover miscellaneous expenditures that will be incurred while in travel status (taxi, meals, tips, etc.). An approved Request for Travel Advance form, authorizing the advance amount and verifying funding, must be submitted to the Travel Department in order to obtain a cash travel advance. Travel cash advances will be limited to domestic travel over 14 days, all foreign travel, and emergencies. Requests for amounts exceeding the standard $60-20 advance for other special situations will be considered. A statement of explanation and itemized estimate of expenses must be provided on the Request for Advance form for any cash advance exceeding the standard $60-20 limit. Travel cash advance checks can be picked up at the Travel Department five working days prior to the start of the trip.

    Travel advances must be cleared by submitting a completed and approved travel expense voucher along with the required receipts (or repaid) within two weeks from date of return. If settlement does not occur within the required time frame, a reminder letter is sent. If the advance is still not cleared by the time defined within that letter, the outstanding indebtedness will be withheld from the employee's payroll check or billed through Accounts Receivable for students. Any advance that is over 120 days past due will be reported as income to the individual traveler per the Internal Revenue Service. Additional advances or reimbursements will not be allowed until the delinquent advances have been cleared.