6.3 Right to Inspect and Review

The University will permit each student to inspect and review records pertaining to him or her and maintained by the University that meet the definition of "education records." However, a student may not inspect the following records:

  1. the financial records and statements of a student's parents;
  2. confidential letters and statements of recommendation placed in records before January 1, 1975; and/or
  3. confidential letters and statements of recommendation for admission, employment or honorary recognition placed in records after January 1, 1975, for which the student has waived the right to inspection and review.

Records are not maintained in a central location on the campus but are located in appropriate offices throughout the University. Most students' academic records are kept in one or more of the University college(s) from which they took courses.

Some departments may maintain records separate from the college. Information concerning departments which have separate records, their location, and the person responsible for the record may be obtained from the office of the dean of the college in which the department is located.

In addition, students may have records in one or more of the following offices:

Academic Advising Center, Director

Office of Admissions, Director

Office of the Registrar, Registrar

Division of Student Life

Office of Student Financial Aid, Director

University Housing and Dining, Director

Intercollegiate Athletics, Directors

University Billing Office

Placement Services

Placement offices maintained by individual colleges and schools, dean, or director

International Student and Scholar Services

TRIO Student Support Services

Evaluation and Exam Service, Director

Students may formally request to inspect and review records by completing an inspection request form, which may be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, and presenting it to the office that maintains the desired records. In addition, record custodians may comply with informal requests to review and inspect education records without requiring an inspection form. The office will respond to a formal request within 45 days of the date the request is presented by making available for inspection and review during the regular office hours of that office, those requested records that are covered by the Act. The University may have a staff member or official present at any time during the inspection and review. In addition, reasonable requests for explanation and interpretations of the records will be honored by the record custodian. Students may have copies made of their records if necessary to effect the right to inspect and review the record, or when a disclosure is made to another institution, or at the discretion of the custodian of the record. Reasonable charges for copies may be made to the student.