6.4 Release of Information by University

The University will not disclose personally identifiable information (except directory information as defined above in IV-6.1c) from the education records of students without the prior consent of the student except to exempted persons. Such consent will specify the records to be disclosed, the purpose of disclosure, and to whom the disclosure is to be made.

The University may, at its discretion, disclose directory information to any person or to the public unless the student formally requests that such information not be released without consent. To restrict the release of directory information and to avoid publication of the information in the University directory, a formal request must be completed in the Office of the Registrar within seven calendar days following the first day of classes of fall semester. The request will be effective as long as the student is enrolled at The University of Iowa. Former students may restrict address and telephone information. A request made during spring semester or summer session will be effective only for the balance of that year and cannot be effectuated with respect to information published in the University Directory.