6.6 Record of Requests

  1. The University will maintain a record of the requests for and disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education record of the student, except the record need not include the following:
    1. requests for and disclosure of directory information;
    2. requests and disclosure to persons described in IV-6.1 of this policy; or
    3. requests and disclosures made pursuant to the written consent of the student to persons designated by the student.
  2. The record of requests will state the names of the parties who have requested or obtained personally identifiable information and the legitimate interest of the party in requesting or obtaining that information. This record of requests and disclosures will be maintained by the office that maintains the record and may be inspected by the student under the same procedures by which the record itself may be inspected.
  3. Internal administration of requests. All formal student requests under this policy will be coordinated through the Office of the Registrar. Record custodians may comply with informal requests to review and inspect education records. In addition, forms will be available for records office to record requests and disclosures that must be recorded and maintained with the record under the Act.