Chapter 4 – Student Organizations

(Amended 10/94; 8/18)

4.1 General

(Amended 8/18)

Recognized campus student organizations are recognized, defined, and regulated in Section III of the current version of Policies and Regulations Affecting Students.

All campus student organizations are required to deposit all receipts in, and make all disbursements through, the Student Organization Business Office, Fraternity Business Services, or Recreational Services. External financial accounts are not allowed unless approved by the Vice President for Student Life.

Further, all recognized student organizations must comply with IMU Administration policies and procedures, as well as the policies and procedures governing the use of on-campus facilities and space. (See also V-35 Conditions of Use of University Facilities; V-37 Use of the Pentacrest; and V-38 Use of Campus Outdoor Areas Other Than the Pentacrest.)

4.2 Business Manager of Student Organizations

The duties of the Business Manager of Student Organizations are:

  1. To help prepare and to approve organization budgets.
  2. To approve all vouchers for expenditures. Each student treasurer must also approve each voucher for that organization.
  3. To aid each student treasurer in reconciling the organization's accounts with the accounts of the Business Office.
  4. To prepare an annual report of all student organizations.

The Business Manager of Student Organizations in the Office of Campus Programs and Student Activities Business Service will provide detailed instructions.

4.3 Solicitation by Student Organizations

  1. Definitions.
    1. Solicitation is defined as the seeking of funds or support by a recognized student organization from persons outside its membership. This includes the obtaining of signatures, food, supplies, and other forms of support; and the selling and distribution of items, materials or products, and services.
    2. Commercial solicitation is defined as the selling of items, materials or products, and services.
  2. Policy as to solicitation activities.
    1. Recognized student organizations may use University facilities, including the Iowa Memorial Union, for solicitation other than commercial solicitation relating to purposes of the organization and consistent with the aims of the University.
    2. Recognized student organizations may use the Iowa Memorial Union for commercial solicitation relating to the purposes of the organization and consistent with the educational aims of the University. The Iowa Memorial Union is the only building in which commercial solicitation is allowed to take place.
    3. When student and non student University organizations request use of the same facilities for the same period of time, preference will be given to the University student organization.
  3. Policy as to permitted activities. Permission will ordinarily be given to a University-recognized student organization:
    1. to distribute or sell literature or notices relating to the purposes of the organization;
    2. to distribute or sell tickets to public events appropriately sponsored by the organization;
    3. to post notices relating to the organization on bulletin boards approved for the purpose (see V-29 for policy on bulletin boards on campus and bulletin boards in the residence hall system); and
    4. to seek voluntary contributions consistent with the aims of the organization and not for the personal benefit of members, in accordance with the policy stated in the previous paragraphs.

      In interpreting the aims or purposes of the organization, the statement in its constitution will be followed. The permitted activities will be carried on: 1) only at reasonable times and places on the campus, under conditions imposed by the authorities charged with the prevention of interference of traffic, and with the preservation of good order in the areas involved; and 2) in accordance with the policies set forth in the previous paragraphs.
    The only building in which commercial solicitation may take place, and the building in which all solicitation ordinarily takes place, is the Iowa Memorial Union.
  4. Procedure. Requests for approval of any solicitation are to be made in writing by the president of the organization or a representative (appointed in writing) to the Vice President for Student Life or their designee. The requests are to be made not later than the calendar week preceding the calendar week of the proposed date of the activity.
    1. Iowa Memorial Union display cases. Recognized student organizations and University departments may reserve display case space in the Landmark Lobby and Union Station areas for a period of time not to exceed two weeks each semester. The sponsoring organization must be identified by means of a sign in the display case. Two organizations may reserve the same display case with the second as an alternate. If the first organization does not have a display up by Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m., the alternate may have the case. If an alternate is not listed, any recognized student organization or University department may request the use of the display case for the duration of the reservation period on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one display case is allowed per group.
    2. The Terrace Lounges display cases are to be used for cultural or educational displays only.
    3. No student election campaign materials will be displayed in any of the cases. Special posting boards will be made available for student election campaign materials.

      In the event of controversies resulting from the content of a display in one of the Union display cases, Union administrators will attempt to arrange a meeting of those organizations involved in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas of diverse vantage points and a better understanding of the ideology or message of the display. If requested and if space permits, the protesting organization will be offered an equal opportunity to use a display case to present its viewpoint.

      Reservations for the cases are to be made in the Office of the Union Administration. Keys for display cases will be checked out to an individual member of the organization who will then leave their student ID, driver's license, name and telephone number until the key is returned. The key(s) is/are to be returned to the Office of Union administration within three hours or before 5:00 p.m. of the same day.
    4. Tables in the Landmark Lobby. General solicitation of students may be conducted in the Iowa Memorial Union and, unless other arrangements are made, will be conducted in the Landmark Lobby. Requests for reservations in the Landmark Lobby or other Union areas begin with the filing of an event registration form in the Office of the Union Administration and are to be submitted three working days in advance of the event. As nearly as space permits, each recognized student organization may reserve one table for a period of up to five consecutive days per month. In addition to this five-day reservation, unreserved space will be allocated to organizations by request on a daily first-come, first-served basis. Three organizations can be scheduled for tables in the Landmark Lobby at one time; four tables are permitted during student government election periods.

      Each organization maintaining a table in the Landmark Lobby is responsible for requiring solicitors to remain behind the tables.
    5. Other space. Special requests for space elsewhere in the Union may be granted. These requests may be made to the Office of Union Administration.