11.2 Parking

(Amended 10/18; 12/19)

Parking administers and operates 16,000 parking spaces in more than 100 on-campus parking lots and structures, including cashiered and metered facilities for use by patients and visitors as well as facilities assigned for use by faculty, staff, and students. Most campus parking facilities are designated as multi-use and serve routine daily access needs as well as special events on nights and weekends. Parking activities are managed through three units: Parking Services, Parking Facilities Operations, and Commuter Programs.

  1. The Parking Services office, located in the West Campus Transportation Center, manages the distribution, sale, and billing of faculty, staff, and student permits, bus passes, and related services, and provides parking enforcement through its Field Services operation.
  2. The Parking Facilities Operations office provides facility and equipment maintenance, cashiering, meter collection, and cleaning services from its offices in the West Campus Transportation Center.
  3. Commuter Programs administers the employee van pool program; employee and student bus pass programs; car pool matching; car sharing services; and the Emergency Ride Home Program from its location in the West Campus Transportation Center.