Chapter 32 – University of Iowa Threat Assessment Program

(4/14; amended 12/18/19)

Effective December 18, 2019, this policy has been revised. For individual changes, see the redlined version.

32.1 General

(Amended 12/18/19)

The University of Iowa is committed to maintaining an environment where people feel safe to carry out its mission, and does not tolerate acts or threats of violence committed by or against members of its community. This policy outlines the University’s Threat Assessment Program, which is dedicated to the early identification, assessment, and management of incidents that threaten the safety and well‐being of students, staff, faculty, and visitors at The University of Iowa, which includes the healthcare enterprise. Additional information about the Threat Assessment Program can be found at

32.2 Rationale

(Amended 12/18/19)

The University of Iowa established the Threat Assessment Program in 2008 in response to the Iowa Board of Regents Comprehensive Safety and Security Policy (BRPM 4.13), which includes a charge to provide comprehensive threat assessment and management services. The University of Iowa’s Threat Assessment Team provides education, communication, collaboration, coordination of resources, and early intervention to maximize violence prevention efforts. 

32.3 Team Members


The Threat Assessment Program is implemented through the Threat Assessment Team and the Threat Assessment Advisory Group.

  1. The Threat Assessment Team includes dedicated staff members who are the primary contact for members of the University community who have concerns about behaviors that may cause harm to others or themselves. The Director of Threat Assessment is located in University Human Resources; dedicated Threat Managers are located in the University of Iowa Police Department, the Office of the Dean of Students, and at University of Iowa Health Care.
  2. The Threat Assessment Advisory Group is multidisciplinary and meets regularly and as needed during the calendar year for case review and advice. Members are representatives from departments across the University which include, but are not limited to:
    1. Human Resources,
    2. University of Iowa Police Department,
    3. Office of the Dean of Students,
    4. University of Iowa Health Care,
    5. Office of the General Counsel,
    6. University Counseling Service,
    7. Employee Assistance Program, and
    8. Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator.

32.4 Reporting Concerns


Please contact the Threat Assessment Team at or 319‐384‐2955.

In an emergency, call 911.