23.3 Supervisory Referral

(Amended 8/11; 4/14; 10/15)

When a supervisor has a concern about the emotional well-being of an employee, the supervisor is encouraged to provide the employee with information about the resources that are available to assist the troubled employee, along with UI EAP contact information. The supervisor may assist with the scheduling of an appointment if the employee is present and requests assistance.

  1. Good faith. Supervisory referrals should be made in good faith to provide assistance to a troubled employee and must be based upon fair and reasonable observation and evaluation of the employee in question. If disciplinary action is indicated, such action should also be taken. Referral to UI EAP is not a substitute for performance management.
  2. Voluntary participation. Participation in UI EAP is entirely voluntary. A supervisor may suggest UI EAP as a resource for an employee, but may not refer an employee as a condition of continued employment.
  3. Confidential. All visits with the UI EAP counselors are confidential. With the client’s written release, the UI EAP counselor can notify the supervisor that the employee followed through on the referral. No other information is released unless the employee requests and signs consents to do so.
  4. See https://hr.uiowa.edu/well-being/employee-assistance-program/support-supervisors/making-supervisory-referral.