2.1 Staff and Services

Established in 1985, the Office of the Ombudsperson is staffed by two Ombudspersons appointed by the President of the University. One is appointed to a half-time, nonrenewable four-year term, and the other has a full-time professional appointment. The Ombudsperson serves as a neutral listener, information resource, adviser, intermediary, and mediator. The Ombudsperson considers all sides of a question impartially and objectively.

The Ombudsperson explains and clarifies the established policies and procedures of the University, and actively represents the University's commitment to fundamental fairness in its community. The Ombudsperson does not have the power to order changes in rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or the behavior of others; however, they  do have an obligation to bring to administrators' attention any policies, programs, or personnel or institutional decisions which they believe violate the rights of students, faculty, or staff. The Ombudsperson has access to all information and all individuals in the organization, as permitted by law. Questions concerning reasonably required access will be resolved by the General Counsel in consultation with the Ombudsperson and other appropriate University officials.