5.6 Bulk Mail Service

(Amended 9/98; 5/05)
  1. General. Bulk Mail Services processes large-volume mailings for intra-campus or USPS distribution.
  2. Addressing. Customers can have their address data files sent to Bulk Mail from files stored on the ITS–Administrative Systems mainframe, send their address data files using the File Envoy service available through the Printing Department website, email an address file attachment to central-mail@uiowa.edu, or send CDs or diskettes containing address files from their own systems to Bulk Mail via Campus Mail. Address files prepared in this manner will be processed on Mailing Services' Video Jet System.
  3. Four-up heat-activated labels are no longer being used by Bulk Mail. Please contact Bulk Mail for alternative labeling options.
  4. Faculty, staff, and student mailings. ITS maintains a current campus and home address record of all faculty and staff. Many options are available such as selection by any or all of the following criteria: payroll code, class rank, home zip code, department, building. Student name and address files provide local address, mailing address, and parent address. A variety of selection criteria for mailing to subsets of the student body also are available. Requests for use of the Payroll file is subject to approval by the Mailing Services Manager. Use of the student file requires prior approval from the Registrar's Office.
  5. Services. Bulk Mail provides a variety of mailing services, including: folding, inserting, sealing, metering, collating, bursting, tabbing, address list cleansing, hand inserting, and video jet ink processing. Mailing Services also maintains a nonprofit bulk mail permit that may be used by any University department, provided their mailing meets the following requirements:
    1. The mailing is for a department and not for an organization or individual.
    2. There must be a minimum of 200 identical pieces, or 50 lbs.
    3. The mail piece MUST contain the department's complete return address and THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA in the upper left-hand corner.
    4. Permit imprint must be printed in upper right-hand corner, or space must be available to allow postage to be affixed to the mail piece.
    5. Bulk mailings which are prelabeled must be in zip code order and include a requisition that indicates specific mailing instructions, the department's mail code number, and the total mail piece count.

If your mailing differs from these criteria, contact Bulk Mail Service. Permit imprint mailings may also include for-profit bulk mailings. Contact Bulk Mail for information regarding the wording of the permit if having it printed.

Bulk Mail Service does process already-prepared mailings from other departments using either the Center's permit or the department's own. If needed, postage can be applied by metering, provided the mail piece is machine-able.

University requisitions are needed for all bulk mailings. Charges for mailing services are determined on a per-piece basis for the different machines used. Cost estimates can be provided. Cost estimates are provided free at any time. For information on Alumni Mailings, see II-23.

(See also V-9 Fund Solicitation and Prohibition on the Use of University Funds for Charitable Purposes.)