Chapter 14 – Iowa Memorial Union

(Amended 9/93)

14.1 General Purpose

The facilities of the Iowa Memorial Union, including hotel/guest rooms, dining facilities, and meeting rooms, shall be principally for the use of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of the University who are here on official business. Facilities will be available to others when the needs of the above groups are met. 

14.2 Other Uses

Meetings of civic, service, fraternal, or tour groups may also be scheduled for meetings and/or events to include the use of dining and guest room facilities in the Iowa Memorial Union.

14.3 Scheduling

Scheduling of meetings and events will be handled by the Events Planning Team, which is chaired by the Event Services Manager and includes the Iowa House Manager, the Catering Manager, and the Marketing Manager. There will be no additional charges for the services of this team which include arrangements for registrations, parking, hotel and meeting rooms, marketing and graphics for brochures, audio visual equipment, food service, and billing/payment services. 

14.4 Alcoholic Beverages

It shall be the policy of the guest house that alcoholic beverages shall be used in compliance with local and state laws governing the use of alcoholic beverages. 

14.5 Requisition Required

Goods and services provided to University departments and student organizations by the Iowa Memorial Union for which a requisition is required are dining services, use of the guest rooms, and rental and set-up charges for special events. A requisition from the department for such goods and services must be on file with the Union before final confirmation of arrangements can be made. 


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