3.2(2) Support for Researchers

The Research Services group of Academic Technologies supports researchers in their use of computing technologies in research endeavors. For more information on any of these services, please contact Research Services by phone or email (its-academic@uiowa.edu). Services include the following:

  1. a. Collaborate in new research. Research Services provides expertise in a number of areas. Some current and historical examples include computer imaging and visualization, computer-based 3-D modeling, system administration, software development, virtual reality, molecular modeling, high-performance computing, and high-performance networking. Our staff is available for consultation regarding researchers' projects and actively collaborates by co-authoring papers and co-writing grant proposals.
  2. b. Build the local cyber infrastructure. Research Services is developing local research computing infrastructures, including planning for or development of computational grids and high-performance computing resources, data management, visualization, remote instrumentation access, and collaborative tools.
  3. c. Enable investigators to better accomplish their endeavors through the use of information technology. Research Services works to provide whatever is necessary for investigators to be successful in their use of information technology. This can include: training, both in one-on-one situations and in workshops organized through the year; providing access to unique hardware; serving as liaisons to key vendors; and organizing user groups.
  4. d. Stimulate consideration of new technologies. Research Services is always looking at new technologies (such as collaborative tools and immersive environments) and new research applications of existing technologies, such as 3-D printing and high-performance networking.
  5. e. Work with and complement the efforts of other researcher support groups across campus. Research Services works closely with other research facilities on campus to provide multidisciplinary support for researchers.