Chapter 27 – Information on Study, Programs, and Events

(Regents 12/9/76)

27.1 Policy

The institutions governed by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, have an obligation to apprise students, prospective students, and the general public of the opportunities which exist for on- and off-campus study and for participation in the programs and events open to them with or without charge. 

27.2 Dissemination of Information

To convey such information to the public, the institutions are expected to employ all channels open to them for free dissemination, e.g., news stories, public service announcements, and through space and time made available by public-spirited organizations in their own information media. Free dissemination is the preferred means of informing; however, paid announcements may be used when made necessary by considerations such as urgency, characteristics of the audience, need for repetition, relative cost of other means of informing, and relative effectiveness of media. 


(BRPM 3.16)