Chapter 9 – General Stores

(Amended 9/93; 7/98; 3/10)

9.1 General

General Stores is a part of the Business Services Department, which also includes Central Receiving, Copy Centers, Laundry, Mail and Print Services, and University Surplus.

9.2 University Supplies

General Stores serves all departments of the University with a wide variety of quality supplies. Items available through General Stores include office and classroom supplies; hardware, printer, and copy machine supplies; and custodial supplies.

9.3 Commercial and Specialty Cylinder Gas

Also offered are cylinder gases, both commercial and specialty- or research-grade, and dry ice service. Gas regulators and fittings are stocked.

9.4 Office Supplies Contract

In addition to over 1,000 regularly stocked items, General Stores also offers more than 40,000 office supplies available on a next-day delivery schedule through their office supply contract.

9.5 Trucking and Hauling Services

Hauling and trucking services are available to all departments on request. General Stores also operates a centralized freight receiving and forwarding service to and from all campus points.

9.6 Catalogs

Catalogs are available that fully illustrate and list all items and current pricing as offered through General Stores.