Chapter 7 – Facilities Management

(Amended 9/93; 10/94; 9/97; 6/01; 10/04; 6/11)

7.1 General

Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of general fund-supported academic and administrative support buildings, most campus grounds, and all utility systems. It also is responsible for the design and construction of non-hospital campus buildings, utility systems, and landscape improvements.

Requests for services or projects are initiated via the FM Req online process. More information and links to the forms are available via Facilities Management at

7.2 Service Divisions

Facilities Management contains the following service units:

  1. Building and Landscape Services is dedicated to campus building and landscape physical asset stewardship, which includes cleaning for health and safety, and service as needed and on request.
  2. Utilities and Energy Management is responsible for the planning, production, and distribution of electricity, steam, water, and chilled water; maintaining the plants and distribution systems; maintaining the University-owned storm and sanitary sewers; and energy conservation initiatives, energy management tools and monitoring, renewable energy, and commissioning.
  3. Planning, Design, and Construction provides services related to the physical development of the campus, including campus planning, architecture and interior design, construction management, environmental services, mapping, and space planning and utilization.
  4. Facilities Management also includes the following units: Administration; the Office of Sustainability, which provides central administration, connections, and outreach for university-wide sustainability initiatives; and Business and Financial Services, which provides administrative support for all units of Facilities Management through budgeting, accounting, capital accounting, human resources, information technology, and maintenance stores.