Chapter 26 – Dual Career Services

(10/94; 3/00; 9/03; 1/15)
  1. The University of Iowa recognizes the issue of, and is responsive to the needs of, dual career couples. Dual Career Services is a service of The University of Iowa designed to assist faculty and staff spouses/partners in seeking and securing employment. The eligibility guidelines are:
    1. You must be the spouse/partner of a newly hired permanent faculty or staff member, or
    2. You must be part of a recruitment effort; and
    3. You must have lived in the area for less than two years.
  2. Services are provided for up to one year:
    1. Professional job search assistance and career guidance.
    2. Resume writing assistance.
    3. Advice on interviewing techniques.
    4. Up-to-date resource information about local businesses.
    5. Assistance with writing cover letters.
    6. Access to job openings with local employers.
    7. Letters of support written for University of Iowa positions.
    8. Career coaching and guidance.
    9. Introduction to local groups to assist in networking attempts.
    10. Current information about local hiring market and demographics.
  3. For those who do not meet the program requirements listed above, a limited-service appointment is offered. This is a one-time meeting in which a resume critique, job leads, and community contacts are provided.