Chapter 22 – Custom Publishing

(Amended 8/30/22)

Custom published supplementary educational materials can be assembled for faculty members by Printing and Mailing Services.

Custom Publishing provides a copyright permission service which serves as the liaison between faculty and publishers in obtaining permission to copy. The service makes necessary payments and keeps records on all course packets (U*PACS).

The Custom Publishing Division is in partnership with University's Copy Centers and the University Book Store. Both can assist faculty with all aspects of creating a course packet.

A course packet (U*PACS) can contain any of the following: original works; lecture notes; articles from journals/periodicals; out-of-print materials; case studies; graphs; maps and diagrams; research and lab manuals; government documents; practice exams; study guides.

The U*PACS can be sold in the University Book Store along with other required course materials. It is University policy that sales to students by faculty or staff of any department are prohibited.