5.2 Campus Mail

  1. General. Interdepartmental mail is any communication between departments and units on campus relating to official University business. Only approved "campus mail" envelopes may be used for interdepartmental mailings. Approved envelopes are available through General Stores and require no postage.
  2. Instructions for use.
    1. To assure proper and timely delivery, campus mail requires a legible address containing name, department, and building address. Standard building abbreviations, found in the University directory, should be utilized in the address. Campus envelopes addressed to departments within the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC) must contain the recipient's name, department, and building location.
    2. Campus mail MUST be separated from outgoing USPS mail and placed at designated collection points. USPS mail requiring postage MUST be separated from that which does not require postage.
    3. Routine campus mail service is provided free. Stops at designated pickup and delivery points are made at least one time per day.
    4. Arrangements for delivery of bulk mailings through Campus Mail must be made in advance. Bulk mailings include any mass mailing of more than 200 pieces or 50 lbs. Bulk mailings require a requisition, which should include department's mailing code number, piece count, and full mailing instructions. Failure to comply could delay processing of department's mailings. Call Campus Mail to arrange for delivery of large mailings to the Mail Center, MBSB. Campus mailings must be presented in building order. Prearranged deliveries will be completed within 24 hours of arrival at the Mail Center.