Chapter 36 – Use of Faculty/Staff Identification Card

(Amended 5/99; 3/02; 10/06)

36.1 Issued

(Amended 3/02; 10/06)
  1. All faculty and staff appointed to the University budget regardless of length of appointment, fraction of full time, or amount of salary, except for those persons classified as being primarily students at The University of Iowa, are eligible to receive a faculty/staff identification (ID) card from University ID Card Programs. Individuals must display a form of official government-issued photo identification such as driver's license, passport, or military ID to obtain a faculty/staff ID card.

    (1) The ID card and photo is the property of The University of Iowa and is nontransferable.

    (2) The ID card displays a color photo of the faculty or staff member, their full name, and the status "faculty/staff." The ID card photos are digitized and electronically stored and secured. The University retains full rights to these photos. The sole purpose of the ID card photos is for creating identification badges or cards. University ID Card Programs will not release the photo unless required by law, except for public safety function

    (3) The employing unit may require a faculty or staff member to return their ID card upon the termination of employment at the University.

    (4) Retirees may continue to use their faculty/staff ID cards. UIHC retired faculty and staff may obtain a faculty/staff photo ID card from University ID Card Programs after turning in their UIHC badge.
  2. The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics shall issue a hospital-specific identification card to faculty, staff, and students who are assigned primarily to the UIHC, following the guidelines herein. Hospital-specific ID cards must be returned upon termination of employment.
  3. Under no circumstances shall a student, faculty member, or staff member be permitted to wear any type of face covering, including, but not limited to, veils, masks, or sunglasses, that covers any part of the face, during the photographing for an ID card. Head coverings are allowed if dictated by generally acknowledged religious traditions, customs, or beliefs, or for medical reasons and if said coverings do not obscure the face.
  4. University ID Card Programs is not liable for financial loss or criminal repercussions associated with lost, stolen, damaged, or fraudulently used cards distributed from University ID Card Programs.

36.2 University of Iowa Faculty/Staff ID Card Benefits

(Amended 10/06)

The University ID card is the official identification card of The University of Iowa. Uses for the ID card include door access to facilities, residence hall meal plans, purchases at the University Book Store, library services, IMU food service purchases, and other academic and business services across campus.

36.3 University of Iowa Faculty/Staff ID Card Revocation


Misuse of an ID card, including presenting another person's card as one's own, falsification of information to obtain an ID card, alteration of the picture or information printed or encoded on the card, and/or falsification of records that served as the basis for issuance of the ID card, may result in revocation of the ID card and/or disciplinary action, up to and including criminal prosecution, as appropriate under the circumstances and based on the relationship of the card holder to the University.

36.4 University of Iowa Faculty/Staff Spouse/Partner Identification Card

(Amended 5/99; 10/06)

Employees may obtain an identification card for their spouse/domestic partner. The faculty/staff spouse/partner ID card for users of recreational facilities and programs will allow the spouse/domestic partner the same reduced rates for services from the Recreation Department as an employee faculty/staff ID. In addition, the spouse/domestic partner may use the ID card to obtain a hard library card for the University's libraries.

Spouse/partner identification cards are issued by the Payroll Department.

(See also II-30 Housing.)