Chapter 27 – University of Iowa Tuition Assistance Program

(Amended 6/05; 4/07; 5/07; 8/13; 4/14; 7/17; 8/15/22)

27.1 Purpose

(Amended 8/15/22)

To support faculty, professional and scientific staff, and merit staff in their efforts to complete academic course work that contributes to their efforts as university employees.

27.2 Eligibility

Faculty and staff who are not eligible for tuition assistance through the UI Health Care Tuition Reimbursement Program are appointed in a "regular" appointment for 50 percent or more time and have one continuous year of service by the application deadline.

27.3 Program

(Amended 8/13; 4/14; 7/17; 8/15/22)

Professional and scientific staff, merit staff, and faculty whose performance is satisfactory may apply for university support for course work, either at the University of Iowa or at other accredited universities or colleges, which the employing member's department certifies is work related. University employees who meet the eligibility requirements and are working on undergraduate degrees will be considered to meet the work-related eligibility requirement. Support is based on budgetary capacity of the departmental or university funding source and is limited to tuition for one college credit course (up to four semester hours) per semester awarded at the University of Iowa's liberal arts undergraduate or graduate rate amounts as outlined in each year's tuition rate schedule.

27.4 Funding

(Amended 8/13)

Funding for course work described in III-27.3 above may be provided from either a departmental funding source or a central university fund established to assist departments who are unable to provide full support for the course work described in III-27.3.

27.5 Priority

(5/07; amended 8/13)

Completed applications are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, following the priority system established by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

  1. First priority: the University of Iowa;
  2. Second priority: other Regent Institutions;
  3. Third priority: institutions of higher education with a partnership agreement with Regent Institutions; and
  4. Fourth priority: any other accredited institution.

27.6 Conditions

(Amended 8/13)
  1. Faculty and staff must remain available for regularly scheduled work hours. Any accommodations or modifications related to work hours for class require approval of the employing unit.
  2. Faculty and staff must be continuously employed during the duration of the course to be eligible for tuition assistance.
  3. Tuition assistance must be used during the semester for which it is awarded. If awarded, but the faculty/staff member withdraws from the course, the funds will be reverted to the Tuition Assistance Program and the faculty/staff member is responsible for any fees.

27.7 Process

Permission to participate in the program should be requested of the departmental supervisor. Departments that are unable to provide funding for the program may direct the eligible applicant to complete an online application at Employee Self Service under My Career | Learning & Development | Tuition Assistance Application.

For eligibility requirements and more information, see