6.1 Merit System Staff Members

(Amended 3/02; 7/1/17)

When a staff member transfers from one department to another, sick leave benefits and accrued vacation time also transfer and are assumed by the new department.

  1. In the case of a transfer involving movement of a staff member from one department to another, a Transfer Form is initiated by the appropriate department with the special note that the staff member is transferring to another department. Except for regularly scheduled merit increases in salary, all other changes in the status of a staff member, such as changes in positions within a department, changes in percent of time worked, changes of name and marital status, changes in accounts from which paid and changes from temporary to permanent or student to nonstudent status and vice versa, are made by use of the Change of Status form.
  2. Forms signed by the departmental executive officer are forwarded directly to Human Resources unless the departmental executive officer's dean or administrative officer has issued other instructions. Where such recommendations for an appointment or change in status conform to the line budget and are within the university compensation and employment policies, Human Resources is authorized to approve the recommendation.
  3. Where such recommendations do not conform to the line budget, they are referred by Human Resources to the dean or chief administrative officer of the college or division with instructions for further action. In such cases, it is necessary to arrange with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations for approval for changes in the line budget or transfer of funds, or both.
  4. Provision is made for advancement in salary for staff members in classified general service positions in accordance with the Regent Merit System Rules contained in Iowa Administrative Code PDF icon 681.3.

(See also IAC [681] 3.101(8A).)