14.1 Purpose

For the purpose of implementing the Regents' policy on teaching proficiency standards for teaching assistants ["Regents Policy on Teaching Proficiency Standards for Teaching Assistants," IC 262.9(25)], each department or program will prepare a plan incorporating the following elements:

  1.  A procedure for selecting and training all teaching assistants.
  2.  A procedure for evaluating all teaching assistants for teaching proficiency by the end of each academic period in which they are employed in a teaching capacity. This procedure should allow for systematic evaluation by students and by faculty advisors. For teaching assistants who have not previously taught at the University, a preliminary assessment should also occur within the first eight weeks of the first semester in which they are assigned teaching duties.
  3.  A procedure for providing additional instructional assistance for teaching assistants when warranted. This procedure should provide for the possibility of assistance in the areas of teaching methods, evaluation of student performance, oral and written communication, and subject matter.
  4. A procedure for addressing concerns raised by students regarding the teaching proficiency of their teaching assistants.

This plan will be filed with the appropriate dean or administrative officer. The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost will provide each teaching assistant with a handbook on teaching.