15.5 Responsibilities to Institution

The faculty member's primary responsibility to his or her institution is to seek to realize his or her maximum potential as an effective scholar and teacher. In addition, the faculty member has a responsibility to participate in the day-to-day operation of the University. Among the faculty member's general responsibilities to the University, the following may be particularly noted: 

  1. When a faculty member acts or speaks as a private person, he or she should make clear that his or her actions and utterances are entirely his or her own and not those of the University. 
  2. The faculty member must never attempt to exploit his or her standing within the University for private or personal gain. The faculty member may, on appropriate occasions, cite his or her connection with the University, but only for purposes of personal identification. The faculty member must not permit the impression to prevail that the University in any way sponsors any of his or her activities. 
  3. University facilities, equipment, supplies, and other properties must never be used for personal or private business. 
  4. A faculty member has the duty to ensure that the regulations of the University are designed to achieve the University's goals as well as being in accord with the principles of academic freedom. Recognizing the importance of order within the institution, the faculty member observes the regulations of the University, but in no way abdicates his or her right to attempt to reform those regulations by any appropriate orderly means. 
  5. Effective faculty participation in the governance of the University promotes academic freedom and the goals of the institution. Each faculty member should take part in his or her institution's decision-making processes to the best of his or her ability and should accept a fair share of the faculty's responsibility for its day-to-day operation. 
  6. During periods of disturbance or high tension on campus, a faculty member should take reasonable steps to prevent acts of violence and to reduce tension. 
  7. Subject to the requirements of this statement and other institutional regulations, a faculty member determines the amount and character of the work and other outside activities he or she pursues with due regard to his or her paramount responsibilities within the University and primary loyalties to it.