3.5 Procedures for Creating a New Professional and Scientific Job Classification or Modifying the Pay Level of an Existing Classification

(5/00; 11/04; 10/31/11; 3/17/22)

New P&S classifications or modifications of pay levels of existing classifications are initiated by University Human Resources or a major organizational unit.

  1. The major organizational unit provides University Human Resources (Compensation and Classification Unit) with:
    1. justification materials supporting reasons for a new classification or a change in the current pay level; and
    2. a classification description(s).
  2. The Compensation and Classification unit determines if other areas will be affected by the new/changed classification. If so, Compensation and Classification and/or the requesting organizational unit will contact the area(s) involved to see if they concur with the review. A representative of the Compensation and Classification unit will provide guidance on who will coordinate the review with the other units.
  3. Following consultation with all affected areas, the Compensation and Classification unit will determine if it is appropriate to create (a) new classification.
  4. Members of the Compensation and Classification unit will conduct a job analysis on the classification and allocate it to a pay level.
  5. The major organizational unit will be informed of the outcome of the job evaluation process. The organizational unit notifies department supervisors/managers and the impacted employees of the recommendations of the Human Resources Office.
  6. The Compensation and Classification unit prepares the classification and justification materials and submits them to the Board Office.
  7. The Board of Regents Office reviews the materials and determines if the request is approved or denied.

*Note: These procedures affect all incumbents of the classification. For review of the classification of an individual position, see III-3.4 Classification Review of Professional and Scientific (P&S) Staff Positions.