5.3 Registration and Certification

  1. University registration and records. Whatever the classification of the appointment, the individual has a special status of postdoctoral scholar within the Graduate College, which has the responsibility for administering postdoctoral education. A transcript will be created by the Office of the Registrar to record postdoctoral appointment status. Following the postdoctoral appointment, some employers, including the federal government, may require or request such documentation as a condition of employment.

    The transcript record also includes any courses that the individual takes while at The University of Iowa. They may enroll in the following courses without tuition or fee assessment: 650:604 Principles of Scholarly Integrity, 650:605 Writing for Learned Journals, and 650:606 Research Skills. If the individual wishes to register for any other course work, they must be admitted to the University as a non-degree, graduate special student (G9). Enrollment under this classification will generate tuition and fees, for which the individual will be responsible.
  2. Certification of postdoctoral work. The University Registrar will, upon request, issue a certificate recognizing postdoctoral education, provided the appointment was for one semester or longer. The University transcript also will reflect the beginning and ending dates of the postdoctoral appointment.